About the Journal

The Research and Publication Cell (RPC), University of Chittagong (CU), was established to promote and enhance the research activities of the academic community of this university. The Research and Publication Cell is entrusted to allocate grants for the research projects submitted by the faculty members of the University of Chittagong. Individual projects are selected for financial grants after the rigorous peer-review process. It also carries out publication activities. It publishes scholarly books of the teachers of CU. Critical thinking and analysis is an indispensable skill required for academia. For this purpose, the RPC of CU encourages the submission of quality research projects by the teachers. To develop and enhance the research skills of the teachers, it also organizes workshops on research methodology and publication strategies. Given the fact that publication of research work enriches individual teachers’ academic track record and contributes to the reputation of the university, RPC requires the teachers to publish the research outcomes as journal articles. The RPC supports the research activities of the academic community at CU in multifarious ways aiming at promoting research and at the same time by maintaining academic integrity.